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Vardin Company

About us

English about usThe generative exploratory company, Vardin, has started its duty with strong motivation to perform the operational expletory projects of producing high performance polymer compounds at 2013.

The company began its action in order to develop the products according to related international standards.

At now, this company has activated with improved generative lines and equipment laboratories based on the high quality standards (ISO 9001) as a knowledge base-company in polymer technology incubator at IPPI.

Nowadays, Vardin, is one of the generative and providing of engineering plastics and is very relevant all over the country.


HFFR - Plastics


1. Automotive parts

2. Power and telecommunication cables.

3. Cable boxes and polymers Conduit

Black polyethylene


1. Drip irrigation pipe

2. The final coating on metal pipes transfer

Master Batches


1. Color Master batch

2. FR- Master Batches

3. Peroxide - Master Batches

4. Hydrophilic - Master Batches


1. General manager (please provide description)

2. Marketing & Sales

3. R & D department

4. Production department

5. Marketing department

6. TSU

7. Branch Finance / Administration

Introduction to Human Resources

Active personnel in different units of the company are over.

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